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p2081303849Have you ever asked yourself: “How far between me and my dream?

If so, how frequent? Daily? Weekly ? Monthly? Or yearly?

LiveMeetUp, our speaker, is a young and multicultural team coming from different backgrounds. They all share the same goal in creating the new city life experience in Shanghai. This May, they released their first Beta version of website to better offer new experiences by meeting new people; discover new places and having a good time.

Firstly, Hua Jie, LiveMeetUp Co-founder, addressed a speech of “Follow your dream”, including four aspects:

• Talk about dream

• Why follow your dream is important

• How to find your love/dream

• Steps to go for your dream

Furthermore, she raised examples of Stephen Hawking, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and herself story of chasing dream. Specifically, Jie gave out practical advices to go for your dream:

• Step 1: Get in touch with your dreams.

• Step 2: Read books or check out websites relating to your dream

• Step 3: Establish a community

• Step 4: Identify mental obstacles that stand in the way if your dreams

• Step 5: Make changes in your life

• Step 6: Set clear, inspiring goals

Secondly, other two LiveMeetUp members, Rafaella from Brazil and Victor from Netherland, shared their point of view about dream and their own stories in succession.

After that, LiveMeetUp team and audience divided into several groups to share their dreams and actions they have taken.

If you look up “dream” in a dictionary, it will tell you:” a condition or achievement that is longed for”.

So, have you prepared to chase your own dream now?


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